Red Skelton’s TV show and guest appearance have been released on VHS and DVD. This is a listing of tapes and disc that were for sale through the years. They might be still available on the internet.

TV Show

(VHS) Red Skelton Collector Edition. 2 tape set. 1993 Dan Dalton Production, Simitar Entertainment. No. 3039 McPugg in Hollywood/Freddie and the Anthem, No. 3040 Appleby’s Garage/Ed Sullivan.

TV Show

The Red Skelton Show
Clem’s Christmas Tree Lot. The Skeltons At Home. A USO Thanksgiving. The Unwanted Christmas Tree. The Skeltons at Christmas. The Cop and the Anthem (1956). Resolutions. The Third Wish. Freddy’s Thanksgiving. San Fernando’s Thanksgiving.
(DVD) Holiday Favorites SF 16978 (c) Shout! Factory
Red Skelton The Farewell Specials
(DVD) Mill Creek Entertainment (c) 2013
The Red Skelton Hour in Color (3 disc)
Time Life 32188-X (c) 2016
The Best of Red Skelton, The Complete 20th Season in Color
NBC season. American’s Clown biography.
Note: Christmas episode not included.
TMG 62626 (c) 2011 Timeless Media Group
Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince Funny Man (2 disc Green tin box)
65475: Let’s Talk About Father, Live in San Francisco, Appleby’s Neighbors, The Big Trial, Shore Leave, Extra: Pantomimes Part 2 (Weight lifter, Watching Late Movie on TV, Christmas Pickpocket, The Prisoner and the Bloodhound, Extra 5 minutes of sleep, Halloween Chemistry set, Towel problem, WW I pilot, Sewing a button, Californian dresses for the day, People reacting to a movie, Mouse stealing cheese.
65485: Marooned, Fancy Footwork, San Fernando in Alaska, The Stagecoach Robbery, Hobo’s Dilemma, Extra: Movie Trailers
(DVD) Timeless (c) 2010
Red Skelton Unreleased (4 disc)
64264: Cauliflower Loses His Birds, Appleyby’s Bearded Boarder. Clem’s General Store. Deadeye the Outlaw.
64274: Best Man Blues. Appleby’s Office Party., San Fernando Cal.Clem and the Beanstalk.
64284: The Many Skeltons in Las Vegas. Clem’s Other Clem., Go Van Gogh. Clem and the Beauty Pageant.
64294: San Fernando Loses the Dixie Queen. Appleby the Weather Man. Freddie the Singer. Deadeye and the Magician.
(DVD) Timeless (c) 2007
Red Skelton Unreleased
64334: Freddie the Star, Clem the Private Eye, Freddie and Fabian, San Fernando’s Treasure Hunt
64344: Bolivar and the Roaring ’20s,, Deadeye Turns in His Badge, San Fernando’s Phony Fabians, This Goon for Hire
64354: The Nine Lives of Freddie, Clem the Candidate, Danny Thomas Fills In For Red, Freddie’s Shipwreck
64364: Freddie Gets Sick, Ten Baby Fingers and Twelve Baby Toes, [Jr story only], San Fernando for Governor, Appleby’s Bird Woman
64374: We’re Gonna Have a Party, The Portrait of Dorian Appleby, [Appleby story only], Mr. K Goes to College, Appleby’s Formula
64384: Appleby the Muscleman , How to Think Up a Television Title Without Being Sued , How the West was Lost  [Deadeye story only], A Midsummer Nut’s Dream  [Dance number and Clem story only]
(DVD) Timeless (c) 2007
Red Skelton Christmas
The Red Skelton Color Christmas Show. The Gift of Giving. The Cop and the Anthem. Appleby’s New Year’s Office Party. The Pledge of Allegiance.
(DVD) Timeless 67003 (c) 2006
Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince
The Big Trial; The Stagecoach Robbery; He Made Good in the City; Willie and the Burglar; Marooned; Quiz Show Winner; Clean Fighter; One Good Intern Deserves Another; Clean Politics; The Skeltons at Home
(DVD) MM& V 64153 (c) 2004 Dastar Corp./Marathon Music & Video
The Red Skelton Show
Disc 1: Navy Men. Freddie Needs a Lawyer. Clem the Artist. George Appleby’s Garage. Clem’s Oil. Mr. Lasagna. Quiz Show
Disc 2: Freddie and the Spies. The South. Cauliflower Goes to Hollywood. Bolivar’s Beauty Salon. Trailer Park. The Cop and the Anthem. The Look Awards
(DVD) AMC 55269 (c) 2003 Genius Entertainment
Red Skelton
Clem in New York. Clem the Dentist. Clem the Painter. Deadeye and the Indians
TV Classics 07169 (c) 2003 Platinum
The Red Skelton Show Volume One
Buster Crabbe, Mickey Rooney, Charles  Ruggles
(DVD) CCD 1007 (c) 2003 Critic’s Choice
Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince (3 disc Yellow box)
64823 Lillian Martin, The Iceman Goeth, Deadeye & The Alamo, Quiz Show Winner, Clem in Dog Patch. Extra: The Pledge of Allegiance, Red Entertains the Troops
64833 Clem and the Dalton Girls, Indiana, The Many Skeltons, Hobo’s Delemma, The Railroad Station. Extra: Red Skelton on Stage
64843 Flugelmeyers’ Secret Formula, The Stagecoach Robbery, Castaways, He Made Good in the City, San Fernando in Alaska. Extra: U.N. show
TMG (c) 2005 Timeless Media Group
Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince (2 disc Yellow box)
63573 Lillian Martin, The Iceman Goeth, Desert Island, Deadeye & The Alamo, Freddie’s Romance. Extra: The Pledge of Allegiance, Red at the Reno Rodeo, The French Painter, The Forest Ranger
63583 San Fernando in Alaska, Indiana, The Many Skeltons, Freddie and the Baby, Live in San Francisco. Extra: Sparks, Nevada Performance
MM&V 63593 (c) 2003 Dastar Corp./Marathon Music & Video
Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince (3 disc White box)
63363 Deadeye and the Gunslinger, Greatest Schmo On Earth, Freddie’s Romance, Whistle Stop, One Good Intern Deserves Another. Extra: The Pledge of Allegiance
63373 GI McPugg, The Thanksgiving Turkey, Fancy Footwork, Clean Politics, The Sultan. Extra: Red’s Movie Trailers
63383 Marooned, Clean Fighter, Freddie and the Baby, Humphrey School of Dramatic Arts, The Skeltons at Home. Extra: Sparks, Nevada Performance
MM&V (c) 2003 Dastar Corp./Marathon Music & Video
Classic Comedy Collector’s Series 
60991-9 Big Mouth, Ed Sullivan, Spies
60992-9 Better Dead Than Wed, Camelot, John Wayne
69912-9 (c) 2000 Brentwood Home Video


The Red Skelton Show 
Starring Vincent Price, Carol Channing, Ed Sullivan, John Carradine
(DVD) 98302 (c) 2000 Diamond Entertainment
Harpo Marx on Television Volume 2

(DVD) Internet dealer

The Red Skelton Show (1955) 
January 25, 1955, Trailer Park
(VHS) Internet dealer
The Red Skelton Show (1955) 
November 26, 1955 (correct date November 20, 1956) Thanksgiving
(VHS) Internet dealer
The Red Skelton Show Volume 6
with Buster Crabbe & Mickey Rooney
(VHS) Classic TV
The Red Skelton Show Volume 9
with Jane Powell and Charlies Ruggles
(VHS) Classic TV
The Red Skelton Show Volume 10
Nat “King” Cole & Nancy Walker
(VHS) Classic TV
Popsicle Parade with Fanny Brice
Plus The Red Skelton Show (2/4/58)
(VHS) Classic TV
Red Skelton Collection
18026-1 Ed Sullivan & The King Sisters
18026-2 Cauliflower Goes Hollywood
18027-1 Vincent Price & Jackie Coogan
18027-2 Of Mouth and Men
18028-1 Archie Moore
18028-2 Jackie Coogan & Franklin Pangborn
18029-1 Christmas Show with Alan Jenkins
18029-2 Red Skelton at the Movies
(VHS) Diamond Entertainment Corporation DEC-11183 (c) 1996


A Tribute to the Memory of Red Skelton 1913-1997
Live Aug. 5th 1980 at The Nugget Hotel & Casino in Spark, Nevada
(VHS) Don Miller Agency (c) 1999 LS
A Royal Command Performance
(VHS) StarMaker 1513 (c) 1997 Anchor Bay
Rudolph’s Shiny New Year
(VHS) 739 Warner Home Video (c) 1975 Rankin/Bass


Shower of Stars Volume 4


(VHS) Television Classics, Nostalgia Family Video

Buster Keaton – “This is Your Life”

(VHS) Happy Video, mr.kemp


The Best of the Red Skelton Show
Disc 1
Episode 1: Monologue, “Freddie’s Desperate Hour”, Silent Spot: “The Magic Act”, Detective Sketch, Silent Spot: “Keep Romance Alive”, “Humpperdew’s (sic) Magic Tire”, Closing
Episode 2: Monologue, “Freddie’s Country Home”, Silent Spot: “The Greasy Spoon Cafe”, “The Garage Sale”, Silent Spot: “The Clumsy Stockboy in the Teddy Bear Factory”, “Junior and Sanday Morning”, Silent Spot: “Diamond Tim Brady” Closing
Episode 3: Monologue, “Instant Marriage Mill”, Silent Spot: “The Barber”, “The Census Taker”, Silent Spot: “Girl Ahoy”, “The Auction”, Silent Spot: “The Lady Who Sees Her Husband in Everybody”, Closing
Episode 4: Monologue, “Charity Begins at Home-But Nowadays Who Can Afford a Home? “, Silent Spot: “Waiting for a Bus”, “The Subjects Was Painters”, End.
Disc 2
Episode 5: Monologue, Silent Spot: “The Summer Resort Showoff”, “Be it Ever So Crumbled There’s No Place Like Home”, Valentine’s Day Song, Silent Spot: “The Picnic”, Finale
Episode 6: Monologue, Silent Spot: “Trying to Lose Weight”, “Blood is Thicker Than Water-And Harder to Shave With”, Silent Spot: “The Born Loser”, Finale
Episode 7: Monologue, “People Who Like People Are Cannibals”, Silent Spot: “Boomerangs and Housework Don’t Mix”, “You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man-But You Can Try”, Finale
Disc 3
The Red Skelton Christmas show. The Stagecoach Hijack, The Red Skelton Christmas Show
(DVD) 22522-7 (c) Vox Corp
Christmas Jollies
Christmas Cheer (Clips from TV Christmas specials. That Cold Day in the Park, Home for the Holidays, The Gang’s All Here, Stair Master, Joy Noel, Eccentric Millionaire, Looking for Help, The Continental, Father’s Daze (Mime: Newborn Baby), The Morning After (Silent Spot), Family Entertainment
(VHS) 8492 (c) 1993 GoodTimes.  (DVD) 05-81395 (c) 2002 GoodTimes
The Red Skelton Show Series 1, Volumes 1, 2, 3.
  1. Folding Boy, Milk Wagon, Lt. Muscle, Honest San Fernando Red
  2. Guzzler’s Gin, Lord Beaverhead, Mechanical Man, What’s Cooking
  3. See the Moon, Parking and Sparking, Telephone Trouble, The Bum’s Rush
(VHS) Golden Age Video, Inc. (c) 2001 RS.TV/LS
A Tribute to Houdini
John Clavert clip (1954)
(VHS) Main Street Video
The Funny World of Red Skelton
Biography. A Film Shows Inc. Production (Paul Harris and Sandy Oliver)
(VHS) GoodTimes No. 7005. (c) 1992
Red Skelton’s Bloopers Bunders and Ad Libs 
The Monologue (Parrot, Cat with wooden leg, telegram, Camera), Bring Out Your Deadeye (Deadeye and the Indians, Dirty Deadeye), The Transcontinental (Rocking chair, Youth water, Jack Albertson rehearsal), Seeing Red (San Fernando Red for Governor), Not in the Cards (Freddie’s Hideout, Masterpiece, Spies, Fabian, Singer), Hold Your Tongue (Martha Raye rehearsal, Guardian Angel, Murder witness, Water heater, Willie at the Skelton’s)
(VHS) GoodTimes 05-08687 (c) 1994. (VHS) 2 Pack GoodTimes 05-03276 (c) 1998
Red Skelton Country Comedy (DVD The Best of Freddie & Clem) 2004 Goodtime 05-81681.jpg
Terribly Interesting (Clip from Bashful Clem), Private Residence (Clip from Fabian), Pedestrian Polo, Unknown Tramp, America Eats (Clip with Dinah Shore), Red Sullivan. Immediate Sale, Too Fast (Clip with Al Capp), New Sound (Clip with Milton Berle)
(VHS) GoodTimes 05-08684 (c) 1998. (VHS) 2 Pack GoodTimes 05-03276 (c) 1998. (DVD) GoodTimes 05-81681 (c) 2004 (Film Shows 1994)
Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater, Greatest Moments of Comedy Acts 1 & 2
(VHS) Direct to Retail (c) 1989
The Best of Bob Hope, Hope for the Holidays
(VHS) Respond2 Entertainment 5004 (c) 2001 Hope Enterprises

King of Laughter. Goodtimes (VHS) 1990

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