1930 Plush rabbit act. Wheeling, West Virginia

Date Event
02/09/1991 Stage: “An Evening with Red Skelton” Nutter Center, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio1
03/02/1991 Stage: Arizona State University2
03/09-10/1991 Circle Star Center
06/14/1991 Salina, Kansas trip.3
07/06/1991 Stage: Merriville, IN
07/18-21/1991 Birthday party and Grand Hollywood Opening. Beverly Hilton Hotel.4
08/25/1991 Stage: Caesars
09/22/1991 Art: “Red Letter Day” Addi Galleries
10/17/1991 “Winter Wonderland” “My Thanks” “Conducting Beethoven’s Fifth” “Maestro” (Memorandum, Center Art Galleries-Hawaii, Oct 17, 1991))

Painter: Winter Wonderland, Conducting Beethoven’s Fifth, My Thanks, Maestro

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  2. Program, Sundome []
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  4. Schedule of Events, Center Art Galleries-Hawaii, May 10, 1991 []
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