Date Event
01/26/1990 Stage:
04/14/1990 Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower Medical Center auction.1

Donated hand-signed reproduction “Elegance”

04/21/1990 Stage: Thunder Bay, Canada
05/09/1990 Stage: CIBA, San Francisco Auditorium
05/23/1990 Stage: San Jose Medical Center
06/08/1990 Stage: Orange County Center for the Arts2
07/17/1990 Art: Center Art Galleries, Hawaii. 77th birthday3

San Francisco celebration

“Freddie’s San Francisco Weekend” “Freddie San Francisco Bound” “Red’s Birthday Guests” “Laughter, the Best Medicine” “The Virtuoso” “Freddie in Atlantic City” “Freddie’s Memories of Hawaii”

09/30/1990 Art: “Red Letter Day” Addi Galleries, Reno.4
10/13/1990 Stage: “Paint the Town Red”, Kansa State University.

Painting: Woodcarver, String Along

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