Date Event
01/08/1989 – Red Skelton recieves award from Burt Lancaster. Broadcast on TV 01/23/19891 1989-01-10TVHallFame
01/27-28/1989 Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
02/06/1989 Died. Uncle Paul Skelton. Kingman, Mohave, Arizona. (3211 E Northfield Ave, Kingman, AZ, 86409-2087).2
02/10/1989 Aladdin Theatre for Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV
03/16/1989 Red Skelton Day by Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton.
03/17-19/1989 Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada3
04/07/1989 Stage: Star Plaza Theatre
04/23/1989 Award: Clown Hall of Fame, Delavan, Wis.
05/08/1989 Great Circus Parade, Riverside Theatre, Baraboo.4
05/19-20/1989 Fox Theatre, Atlanta
05/20/1989 Fox Theatre, Atlanta5 Note: Phoenix, Merrillville (IN), Cleveland (last week).
05/23/1989 San Jose Center for Performing Arts
07/18/1989 76th Birthday, Lake Tahoe

“King of Comedy” “Tennis Everyone” “Comedy and Tragedy”

08/15/1989 In Person, Art-a-Fair Festival, Laguna Beach, CA.6
09/09/1989 Metrocenter, Rockford, IL
09/23/1989 Forty-Second Annual Service Award, Saint Paul Civic Center
09/30/1989 Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.7
11/15/1989 Honorary member of Khartum Temple, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
11/17/1989 Winnipeg, Canada89
12/06/1989 Detroit, MI
12/08/1989 Birmingham. AL

Painter: I Love You

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