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The Ventriloquist by Red Skelton.

Month Note
01/27/1984 Stage: Dallas Symphony Orchestra1
February “Captain Freddie” Ron Lee2

02/24 [Stage] Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA

03/01/1984 Stage: Sheraton, St. Johns Place, FL3
03/03/1984  [Art] The Anniversary Shop, Mobile, Ala.
03/19/1984  Good Morning America interview
April  04/13 [Stage] Rushmore Civic Center, Rapid City

04/22 [TV] Command Performance, Royal Albert Hall, London, England.

04/26 [Stage] 29th C-400 Founder Day Banquet, Memorial Auditorium, Moorhead, Minn.

04/29-30 [Stage] Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC

May  05/12-11/11 New Orleans World’s Fair. 
June  06/08 [Stage] Carlton Hotel Celebrity Room, Minneapolis, Minn
06/04/1982 Died: Jack N. Bartfield, New York book dealer. Red bought many rare books from him. Friend for 32 years (1950).4
06/25/1984 Stage: St. Louis.5
July  7/13-14 [Art] 10th International Plate Collectors’ Convention, South Bend, IN

7/18 [Art] The Clown Shop, Palm Springs, CA.6

September  09/03 [Stage] Nebraska State Fair
October  10/20 [Stage] Kuhl Gymnasium, SUNY Geneseo.
November  11/08 [Stage] Cultural and Civic Center, Marion, IL
11/10/1984 Award: Life Achievement, Friars Club of California.7

Painting: Amigo 

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