Timeline 1980

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Month Note
01/14/1983 “Skelton to return to TV”1 Group W Production plan to release episodes.
January  01/11 [Stage] American Farm Bureau Federation 64th Annual Meeting, Dallas , Texas
February  02/19 [Stage] Lee County Civic Center, Cape Coral, FL
March 03/10 [Award] Honorary Citizen, Louisville, KY2

03/11 [Award] Red Skelton Appreciation Day, Kentucky3

03/21/1983 Meets Princess Margaret, Royal Albert Hall.4
04/29/1983 Stage: Greensboro Coliseum, NC5
June  [Art] Armstrong’s figurines “Freddie on the Green”, “Freddie in the Bathtub”

[Art] “Sir Freddie” plate.

06/16/1983 Letter from Phyllis Diller.
06/24/1983 Stage: Holiday Star Theatre, Merrillville, IN
07/14-20/1983 Stage: Nugget
July  [Stage] A Royal Command Performance. Royal Albert Hall, London, England.

07/14-20 Nugget Hotel

07/18 [Life] 70th Birthday

07/18/1983 “Red Skelton’s 70th Birthday”6
07/30/1983 [Stage] Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts7
August Clearfield County Fair, PA

08/13  [Stage] Jackson County Fair, Mich

08/27 [Art] Hyannis bank, Mass

September  09/24 [Stage] Proctor’s Theatre, Schenectady, NY
October  [Art] Philips Gifts

10/29 [Stage] Gill Coliseum, Corvallis, Ore

10/19/1983 Award: Life Member, The Grand Lodge of A.F. & A. M., Jacksonville, Oregon.8

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