Book – Red Skelton by Arthur Marx

Book – “Red Skelton”1

Date Event
Jan 1979 Stage: Johnson City (Tenn) Shrine Club.
02/13/1979 Stage: Boutwell Auditorium2
02/13/1979 TV: The Mike Douglas Show
03/02/1979 Stage: Civic Center Arena, Savannah, GA.
03/17/1979 Americana Comedy of Arts, Anza, CA. No longer with Cove Galleries of Palm Springs.3
03/21/1979 Jacksonville Coliseum. Conductor Jerry Kaye. 
May 1979 Award: Distinguished Achievement Award, Grand Master’s Dinner, New York.4
08/25-09-01/1979 Stage: Nugget with Franceen Devon
12/09/1979 Red Skelton Clowns, Blue Wall Gallery, Torrance, CA.5

Painting: The New Stetson, Christmas Again, Balloon Man, Dinner Time, Crazy Quilt

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