Date Event
Jan 1978 “Extraordinary Gentleman”1
01/21/1978 Dayton, OH or Gammage Center of the Performing Arts, Tempe, AZ
01/27/1978 Ft. Wayne, IN
Feb 1978 Print: “Red Skelton The Man Behind the Performer”2
02/24/1978 St. Petersburg, FL
02/25/1978 Daytona Beach, FL
02/26/1978 West Palm Beach, FL
03/17/1978 Award: Honorable Colonel, State of Tennessee.
03/30-04/05/1978 Stage: Nuggett with Sally Flynn and Clay Hart
“so thrilling to see you again”3
05/02/1978 Grand Master’s Dinner, Grand Lodge, NY
05/19/1978 West Point
05/25-06/04/1978 Stage: Nugget
06/28/1978 TV: Taping for GE 100th Anniversary Celebration.4
08/06/1978 Stage: Concord Pavilion, San Francisco, CA
08/17-23/1978 Stage: Nugget with Gloria Loring.
09/05/1978 Du Quoin State Fair
November Stage: Western Illinois University.5

Painting: The Chef, Clown Wagon, Freddie in the Tub, The Philosopher

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  2. Curtain Call, by Marcia David, St. Petersburg, FL []
  3. Letter April 9 1978, from Anna Maria Alberghetti, RSM 2016.010A) EVENT May “Red Skelton Featured in House of Windsor Television Commercials” ((Newsletter, US Tobacco, May, 1978 []
  4. Letter May 12 1978, Paul W. Keyes Production, RSM 2016.010A []
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