Date Event
01/28/1972 “I won’t appear anywhere in person again”.1
April 1972 Stage: Hilton Showroom, Las Vegas, NV
04/10/1972 Stage:
06/14/1972 Flag Day, House of Representatives
08/05, 06/1972 Stage: Montana (Great Falls) State Fair
09/27/1972 Southern California Presidential Dinner.2 Pledge.

Painting: Flower Power, Clown with Twisted Life, Toulouse Lautrec, Clown with Cigar , Candy Cane Clown, The Accordionist, Bouquet of Flowers, Duck Eggs, Granny, Golf King , Indian Chief , Samurai

  1. “No more shows, says Skelton” Daily Enterprise, Jan 28, 1972 []
  2. Program []
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