01/10/1961 [TV ep. 10.12] Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright
01/17/1961 [TV] Garry Moore, Marilyn Maxwell, Bobby Rydell, Durward Kirby
01/24/1961 [TV ep. 10.14] “We’re Gonna Have a Party” Jackie Gleason-Arthur Godfrey interview
01/31/1961 [TV ep. 10.15] “The Ugly Duckling” Special guest host: Desi Arnez. GS: Marcel Marceau.
02/07/1961 [TV ep. 10.16] “Ed as Red” GS: Ed Sullivan, Wayne and Shuster
03/10/1961  Leaves hospital. Footprints at Charlie Chaplin’s old studio.
03/13/1961 [TV] Jack Paar show.1
03/14/1961 [TV ep. 10.17] “Freddie and the Baby” GS: Ed Wynn
03/21/1961 DuPont Show of the Month
04/04/1961 Hans Conried and Leslie Parrish join Red Skelton in the comedy sketch “Clem’s Theater.” Conried portrays Mr. Randolph, a pretentious Shakesperean actor who wants to rent the barn owned by Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) for a summer stage production. The trouble begins when Clem’s sweetheart Daisy June (Leslie) becomes stagestruck. This episode aired April 4, 1961.
04/18/1961 [TV ep. 10.23]

GS: Allen Jenkins – Muggsy, Steve Dunne – Bob Roberts, Emmaline Henry – Connie

Freddie finds a piano in the dump and forms a band for an audition on a TV show.

Note: Red Skelton is nominated for a TV Guide Award. Winners announced 06/13/1961.2 On this episode from April 18, 1961, Red Skelton offers a “Freddie the Freeloader” comedy sketch. It all begins when Freddie (Red) and his hobo pal Muggsy (Allen Jenkins) find an old piano in the City Dump. The two bums decide to organize a band and go on television. Real-life game show emcee Steve Dunne appears as TV host Bob Roberts.

04/25/1961 [TV ep. 10.24] “Clem the Genius”3

GS: Billy Gilbert – Dr. Schuman, Roland Winters – Dr. Brown

Scientists try an “intelligence pill” on Clem.

Cast: Bill Baldwin – Reporter, Jimmy Cross – Reporter, Jennifer Scott – Secretary.

Billy Gilbert makes another Red Skelton Show guest appearance in the comedy sketch “Clem the Genius.” Gilbert and Roland Winters plays doctors Schuman and Brown, who administer an “intelligence pill” to vacuous Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red). Suddenly the brainiest brain in America, Clem ends up as a scientific advisor for the US Government. The supporting cast includes Jennifer Scott as a secretary, Ralph Sanford as the Admiral, Carleton Young as Col. Hopkins, Bill Baldwin and Jimmy Cross as reporters, and Janos Prohaska as a gorilla named “Tab” (as in “Hunter”!) This episode aired April 25, 1961

05/18/1961 [Press] “Red Skelton Named Good Car-Keeping Chairman”4 Freddie waxing a Rolls Royce.
05/19/1961 [TV] “Cauliflower and the Fight Fix”5

GS: Mary Beth Hughes – Ruthie, Henry Kulky – Big Joe

MuPugg becomes a barber but is brought to court to testify on the fight racket. Tonight’s comedy sketch is titled “Cauliflower and the Fight Fix.” Hoping to earn enough money to marry his manicurist girlfriend, over-the-hill prizefighter Cauliflower McPugg (Red Skelton) opens up his own barbershop. After innumerable slapstick haircut routines, McPugg makes a fool of himself while testifying in a government investigation of corruption in the fight industry. This episode aired May 9, 1961.

05/16/1961 [TV] Won Emmy. Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy
06/20/1961 The TV series Candid Clem is spoofed in the Red Skelton Show comedy sketch “Candid Clem.” Hoping to catch hayseed Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) in the act of “being himself”, the staff of the weekly TVer “Hidden Camera” wire Clem’s horse for sound. Tonight’s “guest star” is Champion, the famous mount of singing cowboy Gene Autry. Also appearing in this episode from June 20, 1961 are Stanley Adams as Banning, Jimmy Cross as Phillips, Lester Mathews as Sylvester, Kathryn Card and Jan Arvan as Maw and Paw Kadiddlehopper, Roscoe Ates as the Sheriff, and Sid Kane as the Bald Man.
06/27/1961 Cara Williams guest stars in Red Skelton’s final TV show for the 1960-61 season. In the comedy sketch “Appleby’s Remote Control”, henpecked George Appleby (Red) tries to figure a way to get out of doing all the housework. His solution results in a genuine “Twilight Zone” dilemma for himself and wife Clara (Cara). Best bit: When Clara Appleby grouses “I never should have married you in the first place!” George responds “It wasn’t the first place! We got thrown outta there!” This episode originally aired June 27, 1961.
08/07/1961 Jack Entratter, president of the Las Vegas Sands, new manager.
09/1961 TV Season 11 1961-62
09/26/1961 On September 26, 1961, Red Skelton began his 11th year on television in a new Tuesday-night timeslot: 9:00 PM EST instead of his customary 9:30 (which was now occupied by a filmed sitcom, Ichabod and Me. Red’s guest for his opening program was Jayne Mansfield, who appeared in the comedy sketch “Will Success Spoil Clem Kadiddlehopper?” The plot: Clem (Red) wins a raffle, the first prize of which is a kiss from a buxom movie queen (Jayne). Alas, Clem is too shy to collect, so Jayne is forced to turn on the charm-and she does! Also appearing are several recent Miss USA contestants, every bit as attractive (if not quite so well developed) as Ms. Mansfield.
10/03/1961 GS: Eve Arden
10/10/1961 GS: Jay North, Jackie Coogan, Eve Brent


14, 21) TV Guide “Television’s Greatest Clown”

10/24/1961 Singer Bobby Rydell makes another amusing Red Skelton Show appearance on this broadcast from October 24, 1961. This time, Bobby plays a young naif who is talked into buying a piece of washed-up prizefighter Cauliflower McPugg (Red). Somewhere along the way, Rydell not only gets to sing, but also offers his stunningly accurate impersonation of Skelton’s rubeish “alter ego” Clem Kadiddlehopper.
10/28/1961 [Print] “Red’s Starting 11th Year on TV”6


Clarence B. Tolbert, Glenn Bertz, John Murray, Red Skelton, Mayor Holly Kilfoy, Lyman Miller, Robert Rose, Richard Bauer, Mack McCarter

01) Honorary Degree from Lincoln High School, Vincennes.7

Tolbert, Lincoln High School Principal; Bertz, Superintendent of Schools; Murray, School Board; Red Skelton; Kilfoy, Mayor; Miller, City Council; Rose, School Board; Bauer, President of School Board; McCarter, Detective.
Doctor of Humane Letters, Emerson Univeristy, Boston.8
11/07/1961 GS: Audrey Meadows, George Neise, Isabel Randolph
11/13/1961 JACK PAAR SHOW ‘Guest’.9 10
11/21/1961 Two of America’s greatest clowns-Red Skelton and Ed Wynn-were teamed on this Thanksgiving show, which first aired November 21, 1961. In the comedy sketch “Once Upon a Turkey,” hoboes Freddie the Freeloader (Red) and Muggsy (Ed) arrive at their favorite skid-row mission just in time to be late for a turkey dinner. They then scheme to steal a meal, but are dissuaded by the plight of a starving orphan. Though contemporary TV listings insisted that this was a “dramatic” episode, the humorous tone is set early on when Skelton and Wynn are prevented from entering the mission door by a sign reading “Th-Th-Th-That’s All, Folks!”
11/28/1961 GS: Marie Windsor, John Carradine
12/12/1961 Red Skelton’s guests on this episode from December 12, 1961 are Gunsmoke costar Amanda Blake and former Phil Silvers Show regular Maurice Gosfield (aka “Doberman”). In a “San Fernando Red” sketch, con artists San Fernando (Skelton) and Ruby (Amanda) are selling phony deeds for tropical islands. A self-made millionaire (Gosfield) is one of their suckers-and he wants to see what he’s purchased.

1961-12-19 Yuletide

[TV ep. 11.13] “Freddie and the Yuletide Doll


Red Skelton Foundation

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