Lawyer – Joe Ross1

Date Event
01/08/1958 “Getting along fine” from an asthma attack but still in St. John’s Hospital for tests.2
01/12/1958 TV: Bing Crosby and His Friends. The first telecast of the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament. Bing presented a live variety show.3
01/28/1958 “Red Skelton on Live TV Program Tonight”4
02/16/1958 TV: The Steve Allen Show
03/25/1958 “Man of Year” Award5 Annual United Jewish Welfare Fund Banquet
April, 1958 “Red Skelton: A Father’s Hardest Test”6
May, 1958 “King of Clowns”7
May, 1958 TV Radio Mirror award “TV Comedian”, “TV Comedy Program”
05/10/1958 Died: Son, Richard Skelton
05/13/1958 Richard’s funeral
05/13/1958 TV: “Some Real Pros Went to Bat for Their Friend Last Night”. Red Skelton Show hosted by Milton Berle.8
05/26/1958 Richard Skelton Memorial Fund with George Jessel in New York. City of Hope leukemia research and treatment center in California.9

 [Stage] Korea: At 43rd MASH with driver SP/4 Potter, Chief of Staff Section, GG’s motor pool Camp Red cloud.10

10/30/1958-11/18/1958 Stage: The Ritz Theatre with David Rose and the Modernaires11. “Red Skelton Pleases in ‘Clown, Baton’ Revue”12 13
12/14/1958 The Jack Benny Program (cameo)
11/19/1958 TV: The Kraft Music Hall (Milton Berle Show) Guest: Red Skelton (Freddie the Freeloader, Clem Kiddlehopper)14
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