Date Event
01/03/1956 TV: “Old Vaudeville” GS: John Carradine1
02/21/1956 TV: “The Mad Scientist” GS: Vincent Price2
10/30/1956 TV: “The Magic Shoes” GS-Sally Forrest3
11/08/1956 TV: Playhouse 90 “The Big Slide”4
11/20/1956 TV: “The First Thanksgiving”4
11/27/1956 TV: “The Atomic Sailor” GS: Boris Karloff4
  1. Photos RSM Arc2016.067 []
  2. Photos rehearsal, Arc2016.052 []
  3. Photo with Nancy Kulp, ballet dancers, witch, RSM Arc2016.067 []
  4. RSM Arc2016.067 [] [] []
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