Plush rabbit act. Wheeling, West Virginia

Uncle Denny: Works E.D. Price 19 N. Weldon ave. h. 55. Bentley.1

Date Event
04/04/1930 Chris Eheart, age 48, Contractor electrical. Wife: Edna L., age 28. Jasper Burba (father-in-law) age 67.2
05/01/1930-08/21/1930 Stage: Blackface, Hitners Cotton Blossom
05/08/1930 (Hagenbeck and Wallace Circus comes to Vincennes, IN. With Clyde Beatty).3
05/23/1930 Died: Chris Eheart, age 48. C. M. Theriac plumbling. Was with Interstate Public Service company. Aunt: Lydia Sipes, Jonithan, MO. Uncle: Charles Richardville, Vincennes, IN.4
518 Nicholas St.
10/26/1930 Divorce: Ida and Henry Albin (separated in April).
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