Mark KratznerCurator

    Mark Kratzner is the collection consultant for the Red Skelton Museum. Mark became interested in classic movies at a early age. His father introduced him to Chaplin, and Laurel & Hardy after checking out an 8mm film from the library. He was involved with young actors theater in Muncie, Indiana. Mark studied theater and library science at Ball State University. Finding out that Red Skelton was from Indiana, started him looking for people from Indiana with a Hollywood connection. His goal was to work in a place that preserves and presents Hollywood history. Mark enjoyed showing classic films at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and assisting on programs for the Snow White exhibit. He shared Disney trivia working at the Disney Store. He worked on displays and programs for the audio/visual section at the Anderson Public Library. He contacted Dr. Summers after the announcement of the Red Skelton plans in 1997. Mark moved down to Vincennes in 2006 to be involved with the festival. He became Curator for the museum in 2017.

    Mark Kratzner, Curator

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