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1953 end title card

1953 – 1954 8:30 Tuesday CBS

Sponsor: Geritol

Theme: Holiday for Strings

Producer: Ben Brady

Director: Seymour Berns

Writer: Arthur Stander; Howard Leeds; Arthur Julian; Arthur Ross; Hal Goodman; Larry Klein

Set: Robert T. Lee; Jack Briggs

Choregrapher: Miriam Nelson [1]

Dancers: Mara Lynn, Mickie Baton, Wilba Taylor, Yvette Vickers

Annoucer: Bob Warren


No. in Series Airdate Title
9/22/1953 1953 last fight McPugg’s Last Fight”  1: Freddy’s Picnic Lunch. 2: McPugg’s Last Fight

Freddie; McPugg

Mrs. Jenkins – Marjorie Bennett; Cop – Ray Kellogg; Nursemaid – Kay Riehl; Woman (in Park) – Juney Ellis; Man (in Park) – Hal Smith; Child (in Park) – Frances Karath; Man #1 – Murray Alper; Man #2 – Artie Lewis; Joe – Lennie Bremen; Sammy – James Flavin; Woman (dressing room) – Phyllis Coats; Giggolo – Richard Avonde; Malone – Gene Renyolds; Man – John Vosper


“Clem and the Check”  1: Clem at the Bank. 2: Mr. Bliss and the Freeway.

Bull-Headed Mr. Bliss

Marilyn Hare (Geritol letters)


“Appleby’s Cocktail Party” 1: Honey Moon Cottage (Freddy). 2: George Appleby’s Cocktail Party.

Freddie; Appleby

Peggy King



 1953 tenor

“The Nervous Tenor’s Auction”  1: The Nervous Tenor’s Audition (Appleby). 2: The Election Campaign (San Fernando).

Appleby; San Fernando Red

Berry Sisters


1953 Hobos

“Hobo’s Dilemma”  1: The Hobo’s Delemma (Freddy). 2: McPugg Doesn’t Throw the Fight.

Seagulls; Freddie the Freeloader; Cauliflower McPugg

Jerry Hillard; Bernie Crawford; Bobbie Sailes; Adele Jergens; Sammy Ogg; Jan Arvan; Beverly Washburn; Dick Wessel; Dick Reeves



1953 dreamer

“Appleby the Dreamer”  1: The Dreamer (Appleby). 2: Gun Smoke (Deadeye). 3: The Sportsmen Quartet

Appleby; Deadeye

The Sportsmen “Deadwood Stage”; Nancy Wynne “Boogie Woogie Bubble Bee”

Adele Jergens; Mary Ellen Kay; Dick Elliott; Jan Arvan; Tyler McVey; Eve McVeagh


1953 masqu

“Freddie’s Masquerade”  1: The Masquerade Party (Note: This was repeated on March 2, 1954, in New York)


Arthur Duncan; Isabel Randolph; Benny Rubin; Leonard Carey; Valerie Vernon; John Vosper



1953 broker

“The Marriage Broker”  1: The Marrage Broker (Appleby). 2: Poet & Peasant Overture (Clem).

Jan Arvan – ‘J.J. Fitzpatrick Marriage Broker’; ‘Mary Perkins’; Randy Stuart – ‘Tom McQ’; Jeff York; David Rose


1953 happy

“How to be Happily Married”  1: How to Be Happily Married (Wilbur the Happy Husband). 2: How to Stuff a Turkey (Clem).

Randy Stuart; Mabel Albertson; Jan Arvan; Jimmy Hawkins

  11/24/1953 “California Gold Rush”  1: Lord Beaverhead. 2: The Sportmen. 3: Californey or Bust (Deadeye)

1953-11-30 Ann Sothern

“Flugelmeyer’s Secret Formula”  1: The Spy Story.

Ann Sotherns

Kurt Katch; Hy Averback; Billy Gould; Tyler McVey



1953 dr S

“Dr. Schlepper”  1: Selling a House by the Tracks (Freddy). 2: The Mad Scientist (Prof. Schlepper)

Jan Arvan; Ray Kellogg; Bert Nagle and Co.; “Neil” (The Chimp)


1953 station

“It Happened at the Stationhouse”  1: It Happened at the Station House (Clem). 2: Willie Lump Lump. 3: The Sportsmen.


1953 christmas

“Christmas With the Skeltons”  1: Skeltons at Christmas. 2: Freddie’s Christmas. 

1953 hunter

“The Great White Hunter”  1: Saga of Cauliflower McPugg. 2: Skelton in Darkest Africa.

John Wayne (Cameo. Gets Modern Screen magazine award.)



1954 Gleason

“Accidents Will Happen”  1: Lord Beaverhead. 2: Freddie in the Hospital. 

Jackie Gleason; The Berry Sisters


1954 paris

“A Voyage to Paris”  1. Clem Goes to Paris.


1954 Father

“What Fathers Should Know”  1: School for Fathers. 2: Freddie Returns a Nightgown.

Randy Stuart; Isabel Randolph; Jerry Hausner; Robert Jellison; Marjorie Bennett; Jack Shea


1954 soda

“Clem the Campus Soda Jerk”  1: Clem Gets a Job at the Campus Sugar Bow. 

Cheerleaders “This Must Be the Place”

Theodore Von Eltz; June Foray; Leon Tyler; Lou Leonard



1954 train

“The Train Trip”  1: The Train Trip (Ski Lodge). Willie Lump Lump, San Fernando Red, Freddie the Freeloader.

Moderniars “The Costumer’s Always Right”, “Hoop-de-do”


1954-02-09 Sullivan

“Deadeye at the Golden Nugget”  1: Deadeye at the Golden Nugget. 2: Among the Pawnees

Ed Sullivan, King Sisters



1954 hook

“Captain Hook”  1: Clem’s Disc Jockey Premiere. 2: Captain Hook.

Tennessee Ernie “Yawl Come and See Us”


1954 cave-man

“Cave-Man Marriage”  1: Clem Goes to the Theatre. 2: Cave Man
  3/2/1954 “Toots Shor Show” 1: The Masquarade Parter. Note: This was done in New York.

1954 Uncle Sam

“Uncle Sam Wants You”  1: Clem in the Army. 2: The Atomic Bomb Test. 

Taylor Maids; Jackie Gleason (cameo)



1954 Holmes

“Sherlock Homes Satire”  1: Willy’s Anniversary. 2: Sherlock Holmes.

Melville Cooper

  3/23/1954 “Skelton Awards” 1: The Skelton Awards. 2: Deadeye at School. 3. Deadeye’s Wedding.


1954 Putt

“King Putt”  1: King Snafu & Cleopatra. 

Sheree North

Jan Arvan; Gail Bonney; Benny Rubin; John Vosper; Barbara Bestar; Ray Kellogg; Artie Lewis

  4/6/1954 “Freddie’s Picnic” 1: Freddie’s Dream(wife). 2: Clem at the Barber’s
  4/13/1954 “Going to Work”  1: Going to Work. 2: Parkin’ & Sparkin’. Note: Kinescope due to injured back.

1954 south seas

“Clem in the South Pacific”  1: Clem in the Submarine.
  4/27/1954 “Willie I-Q” 1: Spring Cleaning at Willy’s. 2: Sgt. Strongheart of the Monties. 

1954 referee

“The Referee”  1: Lord Beaverhead (News Around the World). 2: McPugg Becomes a Referee. 

King’s IV. Johnny Carson (cameo)



1954 Prince

“Prince Valiant”  1: King Arthur’s Court (Prince Valiant).

Dewaynes; Johnny Carson

David Rose; Jan Arvan; Gavin Gordon; Helene Stanton; Jean Heremans; Saul Gorss


1954 booth

“The Artist’s Dilemma”  1: The Ariists Dilemma. 2: Freddie at the Baseball game. 

Tom Harmon

Hy Averback; Lucille Knoch



1954 Mexico

“Clem Goes to Mexico”  1: Clem Visits Mexico. 

Lola Montes and Company; “Fernando the Bull”

Jan Arvan; Vici Raaf; Joe Cranston; Lou Leonard


1954 Willie golf

“Mississippi Showboat”  1: Willy’s Golf Date. 2: Colonel Hamhock. 

Elena Verdugo (cameo); Marvin Kaplan (cameo); The Covan Kiddies

Sheila MacRae; Jan Arvan; Danny Gaylord; Gail Bonney; Dick Elliott; Liz Slifer; Hal Smith; Ray Kellogg



1954 Freddie cleaners

“Freddie Goes to the Cleaners”  1: Freddie at the Laundromat. 2: Skelton the Legionaire. 

Lester Horton Dancers (Carmen de Lavallade); Hy Averback

Liz Slifer; Phil Arnold; Marjorie Bennett; Sy Otis and his Mule


1954 Bela

“Dial ‘B’ for Brush”  1: The Mad Scientist

Bela Lugosi; Lon Chaney, Jr.; Vampire

Lucille Knoch

No. in series Airdate Title:
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