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No. in Series Airdate Title
1 10/1/1957 “Freddie and the Brooklyn Dodgers” 1: Freddie is caught between two factions, one wanting the Dodgers to move to L.A. and the other wanting the team to remain in Brooklyn. His shack, which he owns, is located in Chavez Ravine
2 10/8/1957 “Clem in New York” 1: Clem the Author. 2: A novelist, threatened by gangsters because of a book he has written about their leader, makes Clem think he is the author and the book is sold. Clem receives many honors, including an appearance on a TV panel show. All goes well until the gangsters try to kill him
3 10/15/1957 “Appleby’s Cake” 1: Clara Appleby takes the credit for a superb cake which George has baked. The cake is entered in a baking contest and, in order to qualify, she makes George dress up like a woman, masquerade as Mrs. Appleby, and bakew the cake in front of judges
4 10/22/1957 “Deadeye Hired for TV Series” 1: Deadeye is starred in a television western which competes with a similar one sponsored by a rival product. All goes well until he discovers he is allergic to his sponsor’s product
5 10/29/1957 “Cookie and the Satellite” 1: Sailor Cookie and his pal Gabby are used in naval research on rockets and guided missiles after being tricked by Chief Petty Officer Muldoon, who found out they wanted a leave to see the girl they are engaged to and want to marry. During the experiments, Cookie and Gabby discover they are each engaged to the same girl
6 11/5/1957 “Appleby’s Patio” 1: Clara Appleby gets angry at George and leaves on the spur of the moment to go to her mother’s. George, trying to win her back, builds a patio in the backyard which she has always wanted. Plagued by Lucifer the devil and a little neighborhood boy, George is arrested by the police who think he has killed Clara and buried her under the new patio
7 11/12/1957 “Monsieur Clem’s Fashions” 1: Clem, who works for a famous dress designer, ruins one of his expensive creations for a prominent society matron by getting it caught in a giant fan in the workroom. The society matron, thinking it is a new look, likes it, labels it the Ad Lib look and Clem because a famous designer too
8 11/19/1957 “Bolivar the Repairman” 1: Bolivar, repairing a dryer in the home of a famous scientist, gets interested in some of his drawings, is mistaken for the scientist, and kidnapped by foreign agents. They subject him to methods of torture when he won’t give them U.S. secrets
9 11/26/1957 “Freddie’s Thanksgiving” 1: Freddie and his pal take over the mansion of a retired millionaire while he is away in order to entertain his sister and her family for Thanksgiving. Freddie has in the past led his sister to believe he is wealthy and, to save face, he feels this is the only way out. All goes well until the millionaire returns unexpectedly
! 12/3/1957 {Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show}
10 12/10/1957 “The Round Table” 1: Red, a knave in King Arthur’s Court, is made a knight, Sir Galahad, in order to try to kill a ferious dragon that is menacing the kingdom. Red does not know that he has been made a knight and given this assignment only because none of the other knights want to risk their lives
11 12/17/1957 “Deadeye the Outlaw” 1: Deadeye holds a town in his power and everyone is afraid of him including the sheriff. The latter sends for his son who has just gotten out of college in the East. The sheriff hasn’t seen his son for many years and thinks he will be big and strong enough to get rid of Deadeye. The son turns out to be a short dude who knows nothing about handling a gun
12 12/24/1957 “The Third Wish” 1: Freddie the Freeloader finds an old oil lamp in the dump and discovers by accident that it is a magic lamp. When he rubs it, a geni appears and grants him three wishes. Two of them are used up foolishly and by accident, the last one causing his mouth to be sealed so he cannot talk. Instead of allowing his pal to use up the third wish to open his mouth, he insists that it be used to give needy children in the neighborhood a royal Christmas party
13 12/31/1957 “Willie on the Wagon” 1: Willie’s sister, whom he lives with, finds out their Uncle Charlie is making a surprise visit. Since he doesn’t believe in drinking, she tries to get Willie  sobered up before he arrives. When this doesn’t work and Charlies finds out the truth, he comes up with a plan to cure Willie once and for all.
14 1/7/1958 “The Three Musketeers” 1: Red, as Aramis, and his pals, Parthos and Athos, attempt to stop the king from imposing so many high taxes on his people
15 1/14/1958 “Calypso Clem” 1: Clem, working as a steward on a ship, takes a job in South America not knowing he is to be used by enemies  of the president who want to seize the government. They plan to masquerade Clem as the real president since Clem could pass for his twin
! 1/21/1958 [Pre-empted]
16 1/28/1958 “Freddie Finds a Fortune” 1: Freddie finds a large sum of stolen money left by two bank robbers in a trash can in the park. Thinking it is only play money, Freddie papers his shack with the bills but later finds out the money is real. Then he is informed by a housing inspector that he must evacuate the premises because his shack has been condemned
17 2/4/1958 “Bolivar’s Beauty Salon” 1: Bolivar’s girlfriend and her mother are impressed with his knack for hairstyling and invest in a beauty shop for him to run. In an emergency, he is called upon to fix the hair of a glamorous movie star on location. She is so impressed by his ability she finances him in an exclusive shop in Hollywood. He goes Hollywood and completely forgets about his girlfriend and her mother until they arrive in Hollywood unexpectedly
18 2/11/1958 “Clem the Bullfighter” 1: Clem falls in love with a beautiful senorita from Mexico and decides to go there and become a bullfighter. The senorita’s father, a buyer of bulls, persuades him to fight the killer, El Diablo
19 2/18/1958 “Appleby’s Garage” 1: George Appleby owns a garage and suspects a customer of being a maniacal killer. When the police refuse to believe him, he and his wife decide to take the law into their own hands and set a trap for him. Their plan backfires and Clara Appleby becomes his next victim
20 2/25/1958 “Freddie’s New Home” 1: Freddie and his pal, Muggsy, save a train from being wrecked and, for a reward, the railroad company gives them one of their delux cars completely furnished on a nice new plot of ground. But the two miss the noise of the passing trains and all the friends they made who worked on the trains, so they put their new home up for sale and move back to Freddie’s old shack
21 3/4/1958 “Clem the Dentist” 1: Clem falls for a phoney college degree racket, is given an illegal dental certificate and license to practice. He opens a dental office and attempts to work on patients. The law finally catches up with the racketeers and, to further their case, they make one of the racketeers go to Clem for dental work
22 3/11/1958 “Appleby the Ape” 1: George Appleby, unknowingly, becomes the human guinea pig in a mad scientist’s experiment to transplant the brains between a human being and an ape. When he awakens, he has the body of the ape but doesn’t realize it and goes home. He follows his normal routine at home and, by means of special moves and timing, his wife never sees him until he goes to kiss her good night. Then pandemonium  breaks loose
23 3/18/1958 “Cauliflower’s Hamburger Stand” 1: When two crooks plan to fix a fight by getting Cauliflower McPugg to put some doped sauce in a fighter’s hamburger and it is given to the other fighter by mistake, they force Cauliflower to take his place and again they try their plan on his opponent. Again the plan backfires and Cauliflower gets the special sauce by mistake. He almost falls asleep in the ring but accidentally knocks his opponent out and wins the fight
24 3/25/1958 Clem the Photographer” 1: Clem visits his uncle, a photographer, who plans to teach him the business. While taking a picture of his first customer, he turns the camera the wrong way by mistake and a picture of two bank robbers robbing a bank across the street is snapped. Later, the robbers come to Clem posing as customers. They see the picture and attempt to force Clem to give them the negative
25 4/1/1958 “San Fernando’s Filibuster” 1: San Fernando fixes the election so he can remain in office, then proceeds to think of a way to swindle the taxpayers. His secretary finally shames him into going to the State Assembly meeting to conduct a filibuster in order to defeat his own crooked bill
  4/8/1958 Repeat broadcast of The Bank Robber (2/28/1956)
26 4/15/1958 “Freddie’s College Reunion” 1: Freddie attends a college class reunion and shocks his former classmates by his appearance since he had been voted the student most likely to succeed. When several valuables turn up missing from the room he shares with three other men, the finger of suspicion is pointed at him
27 4/22/1958 “Clem the Artist” 1: Clem becomes the protégé of his uncle, a well-known photographer. In his attempt to learn the business, he photographs two bank robbers by mistake who are robbing a bank across the street from his uncle’s studio. When the robbers learn Clem has this proof, they threaten his life unless he turns over the negative
28 4/29/1958 “Appleby’s Midnight Ride” 1: George Appleby, a school teacher, is fired from his job and his wife, Clara, is so angry she knocks him out with a large book. He dreams his is Paul Revere and reenacts Revere’s famous ride.
29 5/6/1958 “San Fernando’s Singing Sensation” 1: San Fernando discovers a new male singer (Elvis Presley type) on his talent show and immediately signs him to an exclusive contract. He proceeds to swindle the boy out of thousands of dollars collected from record sales. Then, to his dismay, the boy is drafted into the Army
30 5/13/1958 “Friends of Red Skelton Variety Show” 1: Show was taken over by Milton Berle, James Arness, Vincent Price, Jo Stafford, Jimmie Rodgers, Donald O’Connor and Sidney Miller due to the passing away of Red’s son, Richard Skelton.
! 5/20/1958 {President Eisenhower’s press conference.}
31 5/27/1958 “Applebys Win a House” 1: George Appleby and his wife win a house on a give-away program and move in immediately. The one stipulation is that, if they move out for any reason or sell the house, they forfeit ownership. What they don’t know is the master of ceremonies and his sponsors have rigged the house with various devices to make it appear haunted
32 6/3/1958 “Freddie and the Millionaire” 1: Freddie meets a retired millionaire in the park one day and winds up working for him as a companion and advisor. The millionaire’s niece and nephew have convinced him he is very ill, needs to be in a wheelchair, and can’t take an active part in his business anymore in order that they may steal money from it and end his life sooner so as to collect on the inheritance. Freddie makes him realize he is in perfect health and exposes the niece and nephew to him
33 6/10/1958 “Bolivar Gets Amnesia” 1: Bolivar gets a job with a housewrecking company and accidently is hit in the head by a large crane. He gets amnesia and takes on a new identity — George Appleby — and marries. One day, five years later, his wife causes him to get hit in the head with an iron and he suddenly awakens as Bolivar again. Through a series of events that follow, he is bounced from one character to the other, but finally winds up as George Appleby
34 6/17/1958 “Cauliflower’s Reducing Parlor” 1: Cauliflower’s girl, Ruthie, convinces him he should give up trying to be a fighter and buy a reducing parlor. He agrees, not knowing that the one he has bought is located in a building which is soon to be torn down by the owner who plans to put up a large office building in its place. When the owner comes in one day to evict Cauliflower, he thinks she is another customer and puts her through all the mechanical devices before she can say anything. When she discovers she has lost weight, she decides against tearing the building down
35 6/24/1958 “Bolivar and the Lost Patrol” 1: Bolivar and two senior Army officers have been stuck on a lonely desert island since World War II and don’t know the war is over. Bolivar discovers the same situation on the other side of the island with three Japanese soldiers and is held prisoner by them. (This is a take-off on “Bridge Over The River Kwai”)
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