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1 10/2/1956 “McPugg’s Comeback” 1: Cauliflower McPugg meets the retired heavyweight champion of the world and accidentally gets involved in a return match with him
2 10/9/1956 “Olympic Clem” 1: Clem represents the USA in weightlifting at the Olympics when it is discovered he can lift a 1,000-pound cow. Foreign agents try to prevent him from beating their representative in the event
3 10/16/1956 “Bolivar’s Songs or Shagnasty Composer” 1: Bolivar Shagnasty auditions one of his songs, is turned down, but accidently discovers later that the music publisher made his song a No. 1 hit on the Hit Parade by having it recorded backward. He takes his case to Juke Box Jury
4 10/23/1956 “Freddie Votes or Election Fiddle” 1: Freddie the Freeloader becomes the deciding vote for an election between two rivals and each one tries to bribe him with gifts for his shack at the City Dump
5 10/30/1956 “The Magic Shoes” 1: Clem, the cobbler’s son, falls in love with a beautiful ballerina, but, in order to win her love, he must learn to be a dancer. He visits an old witch who gives him a magic potion to rub on his shoes
! 11/6/1956 (Elections)
6 11/13/1956 “Appleby’s Millions” 1: George Appleby receives a check for a million dollars from an anonymous doner, but winds up in jail because his wife thinks he is the man who robbed a bank of that sum, which is publicized on the same day George received his wealth (Satire of The Millionaire)
7 11/20/1956 “The First Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims” 1: Red, as John Alden, falls in love with the lovely Prisilla, but must propose to her for Miles Standish. While he is attempting to do this, savages attack the cabin she and her mother live in, knock him out and kidnap the two women. To save them from being burned at the stake, Red dresses up to look like an Indian brave and not only rescues them but cures the chief’s toothache and make friends between his tribe and the Pilgrims.
8 11/27/1956 “The Atomic Sailor” 1: Sailor Cookie (Red) becomes the accidental experiment of an atomic spy when he drinks some radioactive fluid thinking it is soup.
9 12/4/1956 “Clem Goes Hollywood” 1: A glamorous movie star gets lost in the mountains, has car trouble, and is helped by Clem and his family. She falls in love with him and won’t return to Hollywood to fulfill a picture commitment unless Clem can play the male lead. The producer is forced to agree and Clem winds up in a musical version of Hamlet singing like Elvis Presley
! 12/11/1956 {Victor Borge special}
10 12/18/1956 “San Fernando Goes Straight” 1: San Fernando Red is released from prison on parole to the custody of a woman department store owner to work as a store detective. The store is being plagued with shoplifters and her theory is that it takes a thief to catch a thief. A valuable mink coat is stolen and Red is under suspicion until he is able  to prove his innocence and catch the inside thief.
! 12/25/1956 Repeat “The Cop and the Anthem”
11 1/1/1957 “Resolutions” 1: Part 1 concerns George Appleby who is forced to go on a diet by his wife as his New Year’s resolution. Part II concerns Willie Lump-Lump whose wife tries to get him to give up drinking as his New Year’s resolution
12 1/8/1957 “Freddie the Count” 1: Some French swindlers convince Freddie that he is the missing heir to a large French inheritance and take him to Paris to try and prove it. They plan to steal it from him if the scheme works but, as it turns out, Freddie really is the heir. By the time all the taxes on the inheritance are paid, he is still penniless.
13 1/15/1957 “The Sailor Takes a Wife” 1: Cookie (Red) decides to write to all the quiz programs, try to get on one, and win some money on his next shore leave. The only confirmation he gets is from a show that uses a husband and wife as a team. He talks Snorkel into dressing up as a woman and masquerading as his wife
14 1/22/1957 “Freddie the Contest Winner” 1: Freddie enters and wins a contest sponsored by a big company but, when the company executives discover who and what he is, they send him to a special school for gentlemen to try and change his manner, speech, dress, etc., before announcing him as the winner. Freddie only succeeds in changing the owner of the school and making a tramp out of him.
15 1/29/1957 “Cauliflower Wrestles” 1: Cauliflower loses his last fight and is talked into giving up the game and becoming a wrestler. His first match is with a very tough wrestler, and by accident he knocks him out, winning it.
16 2/5/1957 “Freddie Finds a Headlight” 1: Mugsy finds the headlight off an old Maxwell car and Freddie reads about the lose and a reward to the finder in the paper. He and Mugsy call the owner’s home in Beverly Hills and go there to collect the reward. In the meantime, the owner’s butler follows his employer’s instructions and changes the living room all around to make it appear poor and dilapidated. Freddie, upon seeing this, decides to leave some food and not take the reward, thinking the owner is very poor
17 2/12/1957 “Reporter Clem” 1: Clem wins a journalism contest and comes to the city to accept his reward which is a job with a newspaper. To try and get rid of him, the publisher and the editor make him a reporter and send him to a notorious gambling place, which operates illegally. They talk Clem into disguising himself as a wealthy Texan to try and get the goods on the dangerous thug who owns the place. They figure Clem will get killed trying to do this but he makes a stupid mistake that brings the police into the scene. Clem is saved and they get the evidence the;y need.
18 2/19/1957 “Appleby Goes Abroad” 1: George and Mrs. Appleby decide to go abroad for their vacation but he becomes the innocent victim of some foreign spies who use him to smuggle a valuable ring to be used to overthrow a Sultan’s kingdom into a certain country. George finds out what is going on and that he is to be killed. He hides in the Sultan’s palace to try and warn him of the plot and is saved from getting killed by his wife.
19 2/26/1957 “San Fernando’s Showboat” 1: San Fernando and his daughter, who own a showboat, stop at a city along the Mississippi to give a show and so Red can win some money from customers in a poker game. One of the men he cheats happens to be the father of the man who meets Red’s daughter and wants to marry her. After cheating the father out of all his money and plantation, Red, to make his daughter happy, agrees to give it all back if the family will accept her as their son’s wife.
20 3/5/1957 “Clem Strikes Oil” 1: Oil is found on Clem and his family’s land and he becomes a big oil tycoon, but his biggest interest is in getting his girl, Daisy June, to give up her idea of getting into show business and marrying him. He finally sets it up so she will win a talent contest on a program his company sponsors but, in order to do it, he has to be the director, announcer and master of ceremonies all of who quit.
21 3/12/1957 “Freddie’s Surprise Party” 1: All of Freddie’s hobo friends get together and plan a surprise party for his birthday, making Freddie think it is a going away party for one of the members. They conduct it like a “This Is Your Life” program and bring friends in Freddie’s past in to surprise him even further.
22 3/19/1957 “Appleby’s House” 1: Appleby is fast-talked into buying a run-down, dilapidated from some swindlers, much to his wife’s dismay. They are forced to move in and try to fix it up. They later find out that two counterfeiters are using the basement to make money.
23 3/26/1957 “Clem’s Fish Market” 1: Clem’s market is plagued by the protection racket and he is talked into getting into the mob to try and get evidence against them for the police.
24 4/2/1957 “Romeo and Juliet” 1: Sailor Cookie and his pal are chosen to star as Romeo and Juliet in the play to be presented by their ship, The Mighty O, competing with other ships in a contest sponsored by the Navy. Complications result when a pretty stowaway is discovered in the galley by Cookie.
25 4/9/1957 “Robinson Crusoe” 1: Freddie the Freeloader becomes the object of a bet between Englishmen to prove whether or not a man can survive on a deserted tropical island for six months with no contact from the outside world. He succeeds in doing it and when the Englishmen come to the island to take him back they find he is conent to stay having become the big chief of a Polynesian tribe living on the island.
26 4/16/1957 “Mean Widdle Girl” 1: George Appleby has to give up his vacation in order to take care of his boss’s little girl while the latter goes on a trip. The little angel turns out to be a lot more than he bargained for
27 4/23/1957 “Bolivar’s Double” 1: George Appleby is kidnapped by a notorious gangster, Bolivar Shagnasty, so the latter can impersonate the former to avoid detection for a jewelry store robbery. George escapes, goes home and finds his double there, who is of course Shagnasty. A confusing situation is finally settled by the arrival of the police
28 4/30/1957 “The Clown” 1: Red is interviewed by Hedda Hopper and asked to talk about his childhood. There is a flashback showing him as a boy trying to be like his father, a circus clown, who Red portrays. Red, the clown, is about to lose his job with the circus because of old material. His boy runs away from home, joins him and surprises his father with a new act in which he, the boy, takes part
29 5/7/1957 “Freddie and the Happy Helpers” 1: Freddie becomes acquainted with a wealthy widow who heads a group of ladies called the Happy Helpers. Their work consists of helping the needy and sponsoring projects that will benefit society. She turns her home over to Freddie and his pals making a men’s club out of it. Freddie learns that her crooked attorney has fixed her books to make it look like she has spent all of her fortune on charity and is now broke. He and his pals prove he is guilty but quickly exit the scene when she offers to get them all a job as a reward
30 5/14/1957 “Clem’s Inheritance” 1: Clem inherits a fortune from an old man he once saved from drowning while he fished on Clem’s property. Clem goes to New York for the reading of the will and gets involved with a disinherited relative and the attorney who try to make him think he is crazy, get him committed to an institution, and take over the estate. Before they can accomplish this, however, the old man reappears, perfectly alive. He faked being dead just to see what his relatives would try to do with the estate
31 5/21/1957 “Cookie in Cuba II” 1: Sailor Cookie and his pal, Gabby, get shore leave in Havana, although Cookie has to fake a telegram telling him his sick aunt living there needs him and his Chief Petty Officer Muldoon lets him go with much suspicion. Cookie and Gabby get involved with a pretty senorita who works in a nightclub and her grandmother. Muldoon catches them and they hide in the nightclub, dressing up like Calypso dancers to avoid detection
32 5/28/1957 “Medicine Man” 1: San Fernando Red and his medicine show stop at a small western town and he sells a lot of his fake medicine. It is proven to be fake and the people decided to lynch him because they have spent hard-earned money needed because of the drought they are having. San Fernando tells them he is a rainmaker and is given 24 houts to bring rain. By chance, an inventor comes to his hotel and is trying to sell his rainmaking machine. San Fernando impersonates the mayor of the town, gives him a bad check for the machine, sets it up in the town square, and tries to bring rain. By mistake, he hits the wind button and blows most of the town and its people away, giving him a chance to escape
33 6/4/1957 “Freddie the Star” 1: A movie studio releases an old Deadeye picture to television by mistake and the fanmail is so heavy the studio head decided to locate him and star him in some modern westerns. When he is found, he is Freddie the Freeloader. Freddie returns to pictures as Deadeye, but runs into trouble with the current cowboy star whom he has replaced.
34 6/11/1957 “Cookie’s Secret” 1: Sailor Cookie overhears a top naval secret word by mistake and winds up on a deserted tropical island with his Chief Petty Officer, Muldoon, whom he repeats the word to by mistake. The two of them have to remain there until restrictions on the code word are off. When the admiral and captain come to remove them from the island, the captain slips and repeats the new code word, which causes him to be reduced to an ensign and keeps Cookie and Muldoon on the island for another indefinite period
35 6/18/1957 “Appleby’s Invention” 1: George Appleby invents a robot which he is about to sell to his backer, when his wife accidentally knocks the head off and ruins it. In order to stall for time to rebuild it, Appleby dresses up like the robot and tries to fool his backer, but gets caught taking the head off for a minute to cool off. His wife leaves him, so he rebuilds the robot which takes his wife’s place
36 6/25/1957 “Hollywood Agent” 1: Red’s agent tries to convince a movie producer that he is just right for the lead in the latter’s new picture, but had difficulty convincing him. He shows him flim clips from various shows Red filmed during the season which were cut for time. They include a scene with Red as Freddie the Freeloader and Allen Jenkins as Mugsy in a movie dressing-room from “Freddie the Star,” a scene in a blacksmith’s shop from “The Round Table” and a western cabin scene between Deadeye and the notorious Black Jack from “Freddie the Star”
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