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No. in Series Airdate Title
1 9/27/1955 “The Super Chef” 1: Red goes to New York by train and tangles with bus driver in New York
2 10/4/1955 “Clem at World Series” 1: Clem as Washington State Apple Picker, pitches World Series game
3 10/11/1955 “New York Tour” 1. Bolivar Shagnasty visits his girl, Gert, proposes and takes her to quiz show to win money
4 10/18/1955 “Hot Lips Morgan” 1: Hot Lips Morgan – New Orleans in the Twenties. Poet and Peasant Overture.
5 10/25/1955 “Cinderfella”
6 11/1/1955 “Halloween Show” 1: Willie Lump-Lump and the Topsy-Turvy Bedroom
7 11/8/1955 “The Sweetie of Tahiti” 1: Shore Leave with Snorkel and Luana
8 11/15/1955 “TV vs. the Electric Guitar” 1: Kentucky Clem, the hillbilly, makes his operatic debut
9 11/22/1955 “Fish Peddler’s Thanksgiving” 1: Thanksgiving with the Kellys and the Winterbrooks and Bolivar Shagnasty
10 11/29/1955 “Phantom of the Ballet” 1: Skelton plays detective and tries to solve murders at Ballet Theater
11 12/6/1955 “Deadeye vs. the Lone Ranger” 1: Skelton goes Christmas Shopping, has trouble making call from phone booth and guests with Kit Carson on children’s show
! 12/13/1955 (See it Now “Grandma Moses”)
12 12/20/1955 “The Cop and the Anthem” 1: Cop and the Anthem starring Freddie the Freeloader
13 12/27/1955 “Cookie and Zsa Zsa Gabor” 1: Sailor Red tries to date famous movie star so his ship, The Mighty O, can win bet from rival
14 1/3/1956 “Old Vaudeville” 1: The Barbershop Quartet
15 1/10/1956 “George Resists Girls” 1: George Appleby dreams he is Casanova, looking for 101 ways to prepare soup
16 1/17/1956 “The Sculpture Show” 1: Clem dreams he becomes a famous sculptor, setting a new trend in modern sculpturing
17 1/24/1956 “Freddie on a Luxury Liner or Bum Overboard” 1: Ship Story. Freddie the Freeloader stows away on a luxury liner and becomes the subject of a bet between Englishmen
18 1/31/1956 “Lamb to Lion” 1: George Appleby, the bank teller, turns into Public Enemy #1 and tries to rob his own bank after being hypnotised
19 2/7/1956 “The Election Show” 1: San Fernando Red, the mayor, absconds with city funds, burns down the City Hall and escapes to South America. Clem is put in his place by a bigtime gambler, but Clem gets into trouble being too honest.
20 2/14/1956 “Valentine’s Day Double Date” 1: Bolivar Shagnasty fixes his girlfriend’s cousin up with a blind date who is so shy that Bolivar tries to help him and gets in trouble with her big, tough boyfriend.
21 2/21/1956 “Salesman vs. Mad Scientist or A Man is Ten Feet Tall” 1: Clem, the vaccuum cleaner salesman, becomes the guinea pig for a fantastic experiment
22 2/28/1956 “The Bank Robber” 1: George Appleby, keeping house and take care of the baby while his wife works, gets an unwelcome house guest who is hiding from the police
23 3/6/1956 “Cookie Returns or Cookie in Korea” 1: The Korean Baby. Red, with his buddy, Snorkel, tries to smuggle a baby to the U.S. via his ship, The Mighty O, for adoption
! 3/13/1956 (Pre-empted by a special See It Now)
24 3/20/1956 “Freddie vs. the Freeway” 1. The Highway Commission. Freddie the Freeloader will not sell his little plot of ground at the dump to the City to make room for a freeway. He takes his case to court and is helped by two of his tramp friends.
25 3/27/1956 “Clem’s Feud” 1: Clem tries to elope with the daughter of a family which has long been an enemy of his own and stirs up an old feud
26 4/3/1956 “Dance Marathon” 1: The Niteclub. Red and the owner of the band he works in plan a dance marathon to try and pay for the debts they unknowingly assumed when they bought the niteclub. They try to fix it so Red will win
27 4/10/1956 “The Convention” 1: George Appleby goes to a political convention in Chicago, gets drunk on ginger ale because he thinks he is seeing double when identical twins play a joke on him
28 4/17/1956 “Stages of Evolution” 1: The Hypnotist. Bolivar Shagnasty becomes the guinea pig for a hypnotic experiment and is taken back into other lives he has lived
29 4/24/1956 “Robin Hood” 1: Robin Hood (Red) with the help of his merry men tries to save Maid Marian from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and gets involved in an archery contest with him
30 5/1/1956 “Hollywood Plumber” 1: Bolivar Shagnasty, the plumber, is discovered and made the star of a picture, but, each time it is about to be completed, the script is changed to a new story. It is finally changed to the story of a plumber and told he cannot act the part properly
31 5/8/1956 Baker Man 1: Clem, the baker, unknowingly gets involved with some spies who have hidden a secret atomic reactor in some rolls he has baked for a wedding reception
32 5/15/1956 “Desert Island” 1: Red and his buddy Snorkel fall of their ship, The Mighty O, and get marooned on a desert island. They mistake a man from a nearby movie colony, dressed as a gorilla, as the real thing
33 5/22/1956 “Stock Wizard” 1: Freddie the Freeloader is able to predict what is going to happen on the stock market. A group of stock brokers give him a penthouse to live in, in return for the predictions. They mistake one of his tips and complications result
34 5/29/1956 “Public Pigeon” 1: Rusty Morgan, a waiter, loses his job at a lunch counter and is offered a job working for a gang disguised as a sweat old lady and her three loving sons who take out an insurance policy on him and then try to create a fatal accident for him
35 6/5/1956 “Pirate Show” 1: Red, as Captain Kidd, shanghais three men for his crew and, with their help, succeeds in outsmarting Capt. Hook and his men, capturing their treasures. Kidd then double-crosses  his own men but forgets one important thing that proves fatal to him
36 6/12/1956 “The Picnic” 1: Bolivar Shagnasty gets a job in a factory by flirting with the pretty personnel director but, in order to keep his job, he must promise to take the daughter of each of his two bosses to the company picnic. He gets into trouble trying to be a date to each of the daughters and the personnel director, none of the three knowing about the others
37 6/19/1956 “County Fair or Minister of Agriculture” 1: Clem has a secret formula for making things grow to very large proportions, which is shown at the county fair. The queen of Lavonia visiting this country is impressed and makes Clem Minister of Agriculture for her starving country. Two of her ambassadors who plan to seize the throne bring Clem to the torture chamber to try and make him tell what his secret formula is. Some surprising results occur.
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