1951 end tilteTV Season 01 1951-52

Ratings 04

Sponsor: Tide

Producer: Red Skelton

Director: John Gaunt

Writer: John Fenton Murray; Ben Freedman; Jack Douglas; Red Skelton

Annoucer: Bob Lamond

Music Director: David Rose and His Orchestra

Settings: Ken MacClelland

Technical Director: William L. States

Assistant Director: Ed Hillie

Audio Engineer: Art Brearley

Format: Greets audience, some jokes (Junior jokes as Little Richard) then goes does a bit as one of his characters/Musical number. Sometimes the musical number are part of the character skit. /Skelton’s Film Scrapbook. Tide skit/Skelton’s Scrapbook. Another character/Ends with being pulled under the curtain.

No. in series Airdate Title
01  9/30/1951

 The Skylarks


The Skylarks
Deadeye, Junior; San Fernando Red; Cauliflower McPugg

Cold opening
Opening Jollies
“Going to a Show”
Introduction of characters (Deadeye; Junior; San Fernando Red; McPugg)
“Suit Routine” Quick Change (Tide) (re-broadcast “How to Eat Corn”)
Irish Tenor1
Silent Spot
Music number
The Sklylarks “Hallelujah!”

Lucy Knoch

Video release:

Notes:  TV Digest, 09/29/1951 “Heading for Television”

02  10/7/1951   How to Wash a Baby


Cold opening
Last week pulled under curtain. David Rose.
Woman Driver
Bathing the Baby
Deadeye’s Dream (Barroom Dance)
Tub #1 (Tide ad)
Silent Spot
Music number


Video release:

IHS BV 3814

03  10/14/1951

 Dunking Doughnuts

 1: Opening Jokes. 2: “Foggy Foggy Dew”. 3: Sewing Routine (Pantomime). 4: Dunking Doughnuts. 5: “Success hasn’t Mad a Swellhead of Me” 6: “The Last Half” (Commercial). 7: Poet & Peasant Overture

Foy Willing; Riders of the Purple Sage

Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Dick Ryan; Jerome Sheldon; Gene Darrell 

04  10/21/1951

 Smokeless Sunday

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Checker Game Trouble. 3: Big Cigarette Hunt . 4: Taylor Maids “That’s the Man For Me”. 5: Execution (Commercial). 6: The American Dance

Lump Lump

Taylor Maids

Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Phil Arnold; Mara Lynn; “Mr. Troubles”

05  10/28/1951

 Laying a Cornerstone

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Theatre Seat Routine. 3: Atomic Crunchies. 4: Weatherman. 5: Mountain Washing (Commercial). Laying the Cornerstone

Clem; San Fernando Red

06  11/4/1951

 Willie and the Burglar

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Real Estate Salesman  “Tennessee Waltz”. 3: The Pepperettes “I Didn’t Know the Gun was Loaded”. 4: Artists and Models (Commercial). 5: Burglar Skit

Clem; Lump Lump

The Pepperettes

Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Shirley Mitchell

07  11/11/19511951 Cafe

 Care Paree

1: Opening Jokes. 2: “Mocking Bird Hill” . 3: Sportsmen Quartet “Let’s Do it Again”. 4: Paris Café (Commercial). 5: If Adults Acted Like Kids

Clem, McPugg, SF Red

Sportsmen Quartet

08  11/18/1951

1952-11-16 GI McPugg

 G.I. McPugg

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Toothpaste Salesman . 3: Drugstore Skit. 4: G. I. McPugg (Commercial). 5: The Modernaires “The Customer is Always Right”. 6: The Private Eye

Junior; Clem; McPugg; Lump Lump

The Modernaires

09  11/25/1951

 Clem and Married Life

1: Junior Jokes. 2: Prize Fighter (Pantomime). 3: Three Stages of Married Life. 4: Prison Scene (Commercial). 5: Swan Lake Ballet

Clem; Junior

Bob Hope (cameo) 1951 Hope; Nana Gollner

10  12/2/19511951 stairs


1: Opening Jokes. 2: Different People Going Up Stairs. 3: Radio Sound Effects. 4: McPugg Locker Room. 5: Used Car Dealer

McPugg; Clem

Ray Erlenborn

11  12/9/19511951-12 Big Trial

 The Big Trial

 1: Opening Jokes. 2: Different People Walking. 3: English Courtroom (Commercial). 4: The Big Card Game


Foy Willing; Riders of the Purple Sage

Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Dick Ryan; Jerome Sheldon; Gene Darrell

12 12/16/1951

1951-12-15 Selling x-mass trees

 Clean Politics
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Selling Christmas Trees (Clem). 3: The Four Knights (I Wanna Say Hello / You Broke Your Promise with Red). 4: Clean Politics (Commercial). 5: Christmas Tree Decorator (Willie Lump-Lump)
13  12/23/19511951-12-23 at home

 The Skeltons at Home

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Live Commercial (Red using Tide to take off make-up). 3: Skeltons At Home

Georgia Skelton; Valentina Skelton; Richard Skelton

14  12/30/19511951-12-30 Dance  Learn To Dance in Ten Easy Lessons or One Hard One
1: Opening Jokes (California Sunshine). 2: A Drunk Frying Eggs. 3: Invitation to Skeltons First Dance. 4: How Women Get Up. 5: Desert Island (Commercial). 6: Dancing School (Clem)
15  1/6/1952

 The Bouncer

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Cavalcade of Sports (Weepy). 3: The Bouncer (McPugg) – Trenier Twins-GO-GO-GO. 4: Golf Lesson (Commercial). 5: Corpus Delicti

Milton Berle 1952 bouncer; The Treniers

16  1/13/19521952 babysiter

 McPugg the Babysitter

1: Opening Jokes (Little Red Riding Hood). 2: Smoothola Shave Cream (Clem). 3: Baby Sitter (McPugg). 4: Department Store (Commercial). 5: Spectre of the Rose

Nana Gollner

Lucille Knoch; Gill Perkins; David Stollery; Edmond Penny; Jerome Sheldon; Marian Richmond

17  1/20/19521952 Drug Store  Clean Fighter
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Frying Eggs (Willie Lump-Lump). 3: Drugstore Routine. 4: The Clean Fighter (live Commercial). 5: Parking and Sparking
18  1/27/19521952 baby  Rock-a-Bye Baby
1: Shortest Commercial in Television. 2: Opening Jokes. 3: Pantomimes (Speakers and Movie Heroes Dying). 4: The Skylarks (St. Louis Blues). 5: Rockabye Commercial. 6: Embarrassing Moments
19  2/3/19521952-03-27 SF on TV  San Fernando Red on Television
1: Opening Jokes (Junior Jokes). 2: Parking Lot Attendant. 3: The Music Master Skit (Mendex). 4: Ski Lodge (Commercial). 5: San Fernando Red Banquet
20  2/10/19521952-03-30 Topsy  The Transcontinental
1: Camera Explosion Opening Jokes. 2: Transcontinental. 3: It’s Magic (J. Newton Numbskull). 4: Streets of Laredo (Deadeye-Commercial. 5: Topsy-Turvy (Willie Lump-Lump)
21  2/17/19521952 disc  The Disc Jockey
1: Longest Commercial in Television (Open joke). 2: Catching the Bus. 3: Live Commercial. 4: Holiday For Strings. 5: Different People At Bars. 6: The Disc Jockey
22  2/24/19521952-02-24 Salad

 How to Make a Salad

1: Opening Jokes. 2: Different People Watching Boxing Match. 3: Lord Beaverhead. 4: Pedestrian Polo (Commercial). 5: Making A Salad (Willie Lump-Lump)

Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Jack Fisher; Don DeLeo; Charles Post; Rocky Carr; Sam

23  3/3/19521952 Hotel  Pasquale's Hotel
1: Lecture on Human Anatomy (Clem). 2: Rivero Quintet. 3: Hotel Room (Commercial). 4: On The House
24  3/9/1952  Napoleon
1: Opening Jokes. 2: The Pest. 3: Delta Rhythm Boys. 4: Napoleon (Commercial). 5: Topsy-Turvy (Repeat)
25  3/16/19521952 patrol  Dirty Deadeye
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Travelogue (Clem). 3: Shepard Brothers (Swiss Belle Ringers). 4: Dirty Deadeye (Commercial). 5: Lost Patrol (McPugg)
26  3/23/19521952 Corn  How to Eat Corn on the Cob
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Corn Eating Routine. 3: Laundromat (McPugg Commercial). 4: Debt of a Salesman
27  3/30/19521952 barber  Willie the Barber
1: Opening Jokes (Politics). 2: Bon Bons (Pantomime). 3: Willie the Barber (Commercial). 4: Quiz the Candidate (San Fernando Red)
28  4/6/19521952 travel  Clem's Travel Club
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Travel Bureau (Clem). 3: The Great Stagecoach Robbery (Deadeye). 4: Tavel Bureau (switchback)
29  4/13/1952  Mad Scientist
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Cauliflower Health Building Routine (McPugg). 3: New Orleans Dock (San Fernando Commercial) 4: The Mad Scientist 
30  4/20/1952  Helen of Troy
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Helen of Troy (Commercial). 3: Prosper or Pay the Penalty
31  4/27/1952  The Railroad Tower
1: Opening Jokes (Junior Jokes). 2: Joseph Marais and Miranda (Songs). 3: Railroad Tower (Clem Commercial). 4: Movietime (The Little Italian)
32  5/4/19521952-05-04 San Fran

 It Takes All Kinds (Live in San Francisco)

1: Opening Jokes. 2: It Takes All Kinds (Interview). 3: Chinese Laundry. 4: Guzzler’s Gin

Benny Rubin, Kam Tong

33 5/11/1952

1952 mothers

Let's Talk About Mother
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Imitation of Mixing A Salad. 3: Weepy the Clerk (Commercial). 4: Mother’s Day
34 5/18/1952

1952-05-18 Telephone

Telephone Trouble
1: Opening Jokes (Warner Brothers Fire). 2: Telephone Trouble. 3: Absent-Minder Announcer. 4: Dinner At Cobina Wright’s (Clem)
35 5/25/1952

1952-05-25 RR station

 The Railroad Station

1: Opening Jokes (College Boys). 2: Hiccups. 3: Tide Box Commercial (Twins). 4: Grand Central Station (Willie Lump-Lump)

Benny Rubin; Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Frank Kreig

36  6/1/19521952 tornado Tornado Deadeye
1: Opening Jokes. 2: Great Saloon Robbery (Deadeye). 3: Live Commercial in Deadeye skit
37  6/8/19521952 folding  Folding Boy
1: Dave Rose Opening. 2: Opening Jokes. 3: Different People Getting Into Bed. 4: The Ski Lodge (Commercial). 5: Foldin’ Boy (McPugg)
38  6/15/19521952-06-15 Fathers day

Let's Talk About Father

1: Opening Jokes (Sea gulls). 2: Let’s Talk About Father (Delivery Room Commercial). 3: Living Room and Bedroom 

Raymond Largay – Father; Liz Slifer – Mother; Ed Penney – Expectant Father; Lucille Knoch – Lucy, Teenage Daughter; Joby Baker – Teenage Son; Robert Easton – Irwin; Gil Perkins – Hospital Janitor

39  6/22/1952 Imaginary Dog
1: Opening Jokes (Gil, Poles). 2: Genius at Work (Commerical). 3: Imaginary Dog (Film). 4: Irish Tenor
No. in series Airdate Title
  1. IHS BV 3814 []
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