Pop, The Astronaut – Pop, the old janitor, tries on an astronaut suit and mistakenly is off to the moon. The other astronauts discover this too late. He loses a screw and throws the other two into a tizzy. He walks on the moon but is left behind when he stops to straighten the American flag that has fallen over.

1: Monologue, jokes about shopping and prices. Gertrude and Heathcliffe Zelda joke. 2: Pantomime, The Butcher Shop.

3: Musical bit, Red starts a running gag with musical guests, trying to play his autoharp.

4: Silent Spot, The Silent Movie Cop. Red and his dumb helper do an old silent movie chase trying to catch a bandit. The bandit is in cahoots with a Salvation Army lass. They run the gamut of farce situations with the bandit escaping.

Airdate – 09/23/1969

Production # – 0903

Preview/Tape date – 09/03/1969

Guest Stars – Peter Graves (spaceship pilot), Greg Morris (himself cameo), Leonard Nimoy (himself cameo),

Iron Butterfly

Characters – Pop the Janitor, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, Police officer


Walker Edmiston (Captain Spaulding), James Lemp (Captain Wilson), Bob Duggan (intercom voice over plus Italian owner Silent Spot), Maurice Kelly (man Silent Spot), Lou Elias (painter Silent Spot), Bill Shannon (robber Silent Spot), Eric Brotherson (official Silent Spot), Ysobel MacCloskey (Salvation Army woman Silent Spot), Lynda McCarty (Salvation Army woman Silent Spot), Ross Murray (sound effects), Billy Barty (moon man), Buddy Douglas (moon man), Art Gilmore

Iron Butterfly “A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and “Soul Experience” – Douglas Ingle, Douglas Dorman, Ronald Bushy, and Richard Davis

Jimmy Joyce Singers – Orriel Smith, Kathy Westmoreland, Carole Feraci, Billie Barnum, Michael Redman, John M. Lehman, Jon Joyce, Del Shilling

Tom Hansen Dancers – Elaine Bolton, Bonnie Evans McCord, Helen Funai, Judy Lawrence, Nancy Martin, Sally Mason, Edward J. Heim, Ian Garry, Ed Kerrigan, John King, Currie Pederson, Ted Sprague

Notes – Peter Graves introduces Nimoy (joins the cast of Mission: Impossible Sept 28, 1969) and Morris.

The little green moon men were introduced at the start of the show and pretaped throughout the season in various activities on the moon to open the show each week. Moon landing July 20, 1969

Iron Butterfly makes its national TV debut.

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