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The Christmas Spirit

The Fastest Cuspidor in the West – A movie producer is going to shoot a movie in Cactus Gulch. Deadeye wants to play the part of the hero. So does a stranger named Nothing. They don’t want Deadeye but he decides to lace himself up in a corset for the audition. Nothing takes off his wig and glasses and gets the job. He makes Deadeye his agent. Deadeye has been smooching with an Indian girl and the real Indians whoop in to scalp him. Deadeye winds up the hero.

1: Monologue, jokes about Christmas. Gertrude and Heathcliffe old-fashioned Christmas joke. 2: Pantomime, The Man, The Cat and The Eggnog. (Preview only pantomime – Guy playing Santa at home).

3: Silent Spot, ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly. Red has to help out in the toy department at Christmas time. He is the Old Man and very ornery. Santa doesn’t show up so Red has to be Santa Claus. A little girl wins his heart and he becomes the jolly Santa.


Bob Duggan (bartender plus man in Silent Spot), Stanley Adams (A.C. Flop plus store manager Silent Spot), Patrick Campbell (D.C. Flop plus parent Silent Spot), Beverly Hills (bar girl intro plus parent Silent Spot), Jerry Brutsche (short cowhand plus parent Silent Spot), Ida Mae McKenzie (#1 middle-age woman plus fat woman Silent Spot), Virginia Sale (#2 middle-age woman plus parent Silent Spot), Harvey Levine (#1 actor Indian), Joe Gaudio (#2 actor Indian), Maurice Kelly (#3 actor Indian), James McLarty (#4 actor Indian), Joan Swift (Indian maiden), Ned Romero (#1 Indian), Armand Alzamaro (#2 Indian), Sid Haig (#3 Indian), Vincent St. Cyr (#4 Indian), Nancy Howard (#1 woman Silent Spot), Randy Whipple (#1 brat Silent Spot), Jimmy Miller (#2 brat Silent Spot), Michael Ware (#3 brat Silent Spot), Linda Sue Risk (little girl Silent Spot), David Joyce (child Silent Spot), Harlan Carraher (child Silent Spot), Ross Murray (sound effects), Art Gilmore

Airdate – 12/13/1966

Production # – 0614

Preview/Tape date – 11/28/1966

Guest Stars – Robert Goulet (Nathan Nothing)

Characters – Deadeye, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, Old Man


Robert Goulet (“Moment of Truth” and “Try to Remember”)

Alan Copeland Singers

Tom Hansen Dancers – Melanie Alexander, Don Crichton, Ron Dexter, Kathy Gale, Vicki Sue Johns, Howard Krieger, Jody Martin, Howard Parker, Currie Pederson, Marie Roe, Sandra Bonner Shapiro, Tony Weber

Notes – Pantomime (Preview only pantomime – Guy playing Santa at home).

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