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14.15 A Bad Man Nowadays Is Hard to Find
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14.17  The Seven Year Wretch

Lame Brain for a Day – A charm school operated by Miss Hoity (Eve Arden) in the big city offers to pay $1,000 to anyone who fails to become a gentleman after seven days of lessons. Paw Kadiddlehopper enters Clem in the school and Miss Hoity’s $1,000 is in extreme jeopardy.

1: Monologue, jokes about breaking New Year’s resolutions and making a movie with John Wayne. Jokes about Marlon Brando and Kim Novak. 2: Pantomime, How To Care For A Baby.

3: Silent Spot, The Old Men’s Club. Red is a butler and knocks out old men accidentally. The oxygen service blows off the nurse’s skirt and the old men recover fast. This is the American TV debut of the English rock band Manfred Mann.

Airdate – 01/12/65

Production # –

Preview/Tape date – 01/04/65

Guest Stars – Eve Arden (Miss Hotty), The Manfred Mann Band

Characters – Clem 

Jan Arvan (Paw Kadiddlehopper plus man on couch Silent Spot), Gil Stuart (Albert Preskit and butler), Eve Brent (Harriet), Sandy Wirth (girl plus beautiful nurse Silent Spot), Billy Beck (Bruce plus #2 checker player), Bill Shannon (double for Red Skelton plus #1 checker player Silent Spot), Peggy Rea (Lady Amplecash), Art Gilmore; Extras – Mavis Neal, Bess Flowers, Paul Power, Paul Bradley, Jean Spears, Keith Hutchinson

The Manfred Mann Band (sings Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy and Smoke Stack Lightning) – Paul Jones, Michael Hugg, Michael Vickers, Thomas McGuinness

The Skeltones/Tom Hansen Dancers – Bonnie Evans, Melanie Alexander, Claire Gunderman, Vicki Johns, Marie Roe, Judy Shake, Ron Dexter, Tony Weber, Howard Krieger, Garrett Lewis, Howard Parker, Currie Pederson

Notes – 

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