Seen Year Movie Note


Having Wonderful Time (RKO)

Staring Ginger Rogers. Red plays an activities director at vacation camp. He performs his going up and down stairs and dunking donuts routines. Lucille Ball appears in the film. 



Seeing Red (Vitaphone short)

An ex-boss sees Red as many characters at a night club. Skelton performs a woman getting dress.  



The Broadway Buckaroo (Vitaphone short)

Red runs a nightclub in the west. Performs dunking donuts. 



Flight Command (MGM)

Red plays a pilot the tells jokes but also has a serious side in the films. First MGM film. 


Lady Be Good (MGM)

 Starring Robert Young and Ann Sotherns as song writers. Red plays a friend and promotes the songs. (On video)


Whistling in the Dark (MGM)

 First starring role as a radio mystery actor the Fox is kidnapped by criminals to think of a real murder. (On video)


 The People vs. Dr. Kildare (MGM)

 Red adds a bit of humor as an orderly in the Dr. Kildare drama.


Dr. Kildare’s Wedding Day (MGM)

 Red plays an orderly again and performs a routine with a telephone booth and luggage. 


 Ship Ahoy (MGM)

 Red is a pulp novel writer that meets a dancer (Eleanor Powell) on a cruise ship. Powell is tricked by spies to transport a device overseas. (On video)


 Panama Hattie (MGM)

 Starring Ann Sotherns as a singer in Panama that is trying to act high class. Red and two other sailors end up looking for spies.


 Whistling in Dixie (MGM)

 Red is the Fox and ends up in a mystery about treasure in the south.


 Maisie Gets Her Man (MGM)

 Entertainer Maisie (Ann Sotherns) tries to get a normal job and becomes involved with stock fraud with Red Skelton.


 Du Barry Was a Lady (MGM)

 Red becomes rich and tries to get a night club singer (Lucille Ball) to fall in love with him but she is in love with a piano player (Gene Kelly). Red dreams that he is King Louis and the singer is Du Barry.


 Thousands Cheer (MGM)

 Red appears as himself with other MGM stars to help a soldier that was a circus performer. Red performs his soda jerk routine.


 I Dood It (MGM)

 An actress (Eleanor Powell) marries Red just to make a fellow actor mad. Red ends up playing a part in the play while an actors is busy blowing up a building. Some of the plot is based on Buster Keaton’s film “Spite Marriage” and Red perform putting a woman to bed that has falling asleep.


 Whistling in Brooklyn (MGM)

 The Fox is accused a being a murder and he ends up trying to find the real murder in a Brooklyn Dodgers baseball game.


 Bathing Beauty (MGM)

 Red gets into a woman’s school to try to clear up a misunderstanding with his wife (Esther Williams).


 Radio Bugs (MGM short)

 Our Gang gang decides to perform a radio show after listening to Red Skelton (voice only).


 Ziegfeld Follies (MGM)

 MGM stars perform specialty acts. Red performs “Guzzler’s Gin”.


 The Show-Off (MGM)

 Marilyn Maxwell falls in love a good nature know-it-all played by Red.


 Merton of the Movies (MGM)

 A small town movie lovers tries to make in Hollywood.


 The Luckiest Guy in the World (MGM short)

 A gambler hear Red Skelton over the car radio (voice only).


 The Fuller Brush Man (Columbia)

 A Fuller Brush Man get involve with a murder.


 A Southern Yankee (MGM)

 A northern bellboy becomes a spy in the south. Buster Keaton wrote gags for the film.


 Neptune’s Daughter (MGM)

 Esther Williams falls in love with a South American polo player (Ricardo Montalban) while Red is mistaken as the same polo player.


 Three Little Words (MGM)

 Red plays a songwriter that teams ups Fred Astair. Based on real people.


 The Fuller Brush Girl (Columbia)

 Red Skelton plays himself and Lucille Ball goes to his door to sell him brushes.


 Duchess of Idaho (MGM)

 Red has a cameo playing himself giving Esther William an award at a ski resort.


 The Yellow Cab Man (MGM)

 Spies try to get the secret of unbreakable glass from Red.


 Watch the Birdie (MGM)

 Red tries to be a news reel cameraman to get money for his camera store. Some gags are from Buster Keaton’s film “The Cameraman”.


 Texas Carnival (MGM)

 Red is mistaken as a rich cattleman and Esther Willams as his sister.


 Lovely to Look At (MGM)

 Red inherits a fashion house and puts on a show to get it out of debt.


 The Clown (MGM)

 Once a famous Ziegfeld comic is going through hard times to keep his son. Drama with comedy routines from Red Skelton’s TV show.


 Half a Hero (MGM)

 A magazine writer struggles with expenses of having a family and living in the suburbs.


 Susan Slept Here (RKO)

 Red has a cameo at the end of the film.


 The Great Diamond Robbery

 Red is tricked into cutting a diamond for crooks.


Around the World in 80 Days

Red appears in a San Francisco saloon.


Public Pigeon No. 1 (RKO)

Red believes is a G-Man by phony stock con men.


Ocean’s 11

Red plays himself trying to get more money at a casino.


Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Red shows ways of man wanting to fly.


Made in Paris

Red Skelton wrote a love theme to the movie.

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