Gift of Giving 2021 – Pride of Ownership

Red Skelton gave the gift of laughter on both radio and television, but he also released items the public could buy as gifts.

The Red Skelton Foundation received items from collectors before Red’s widow, Lothian agreed to donate items from the estate Some of the items were mass produced and museum ended up with duplicates. The museum’s goal is to display original paintings, but reproductions of Red Skelton paintings were made so the public also can have a pride of ownership. An image of the original was transferred to canvas and clear gloss paint was used to embellish and make it seem as if it was painted. Red Skelton would appear at art shows to resign the painting or it was sent to Red from the art dealer.

In 1975, Red Skelton started displaying his art and selling his reproductions in Bill Mett’s Center Art Gallery in Hawaii. In 1987, Addi Gallery also displayed Red’s paintings in Reno, NV. along with other collectibles.

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