The following are sites in and around Vincennes, Indiana where Richard “Red” Skelton was born on July 18, 1913.  They have varying levels of significance including places where he performed over the years, and places he worked.

1. Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy


The museum opened on Red Skelton’s 100th birthday, July 18th, 2013

2. Fortnightly Club


Red performed here on stage in 1929

3. Pantheon Theatre


Red performed in Clarence Stout Follies on stage in 1929

4. Historic Main Street


(Pool hall (Now Vincennes Ocular Centre), JC Penney’s (Now Pearl and Chrome Home Interiors))

Red had jobs at these businesses racking up pool balls and opening boxes.

5. Old Cathedral


Red Skelton was mentored here by Father Doll as a young boy.  He was part of the Gibault School for Boys, boy scout circus in the summer.

6. Mural



The downtown mural for the was completed for the first Red Skelton: “Paint the Town Red”  Festival in 2006.

7. Cemetery

Joseph Skelton grave


Several gravesites may be found here for people who were significant in Red’s life.  They include: Father Doll, Clarence Stout, James Laswell (inspired the meaning to the words of the Pledge of Allegiance), Anna Fields (Red’s Grandmother, and Joseph Skelton (Red’s Father)

8. Luggage Storage platform near Upper 11th


Red often performed on the platform for train customers.

9. 9th Street Home


This home was where Red lived in 1929.

10. Skelton Drive, Gregg Park


The main road through the park was named after Red Skelton in 1953.

11. Sacred Heart Church


12. Red Skelton’s brothers were baptized at Sacred Heart Church.



Red was born at 111 Lyndale Ave. on July 18th, 1913.

13. Bridge


The bridge over the Wabash River on highway 50 into Illinois was named after Red Skelton.  He dedicated it in 1963….He reportedly said after the dedication “Thanks for coming, now get off my bridge.”

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