Red Skelton Hour returns to the Dr. Summers Theater. Each month in May-September the Red Skelton Museum will be showing an episode of the Red Skelton Hour at 7:00 in the Dr. Summers Theater.

Free admission.


July 16 – “Bathtub Gin Never Leaves a Ring” Bolivar Shagnasty, Cauliflower McPugg, Ed Wynn

Guest Star: Mickey Rooney

Air date: 02/18/1969 Season 18


Aug 20 – “Pop the Astronaut” Pop

Guest Star: Peter Graves, Iron Butterfly

Air date:  09/23/1969 Season 19


Sept 17 – “Seven Ages of Man” Junior, Charlie the Swinger, Old Man

Guest Star: Maurice Evans

Air date:  09/12/1967 Season 17


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