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Clem's Kadiddlehoppers Volunteer Program

The Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy means many different things to our visitors.  

Some love the paintings, Red’s silly performances on tape, the interactives, and sound effects are a few of the highlighted areas for viewing. We laugh when you laugh.


A highlighted group of people who shine with enthusiasm and good humor are our Red Skelton volunteers. The Volunteer Program continues to be an important support system for the museum. Our open door policy allows volunteers to do what they enjoy including assisting in our museum store, acting as tour guides, helping with mailings, ushering at events, and special projects. Each month, a calendar is emailed to our volunteers for their sign-up times for the month. Volunteers commit to biweekly, weekly, one day a month, and call me anytime status.   Hours donated by volunteers are recorded and used for annual reports and grant funding applications and so, every minute that you give counts!

Since July 2014, we have become known as the Kadiddlehoppers, and have welcomed new faces to our program. In addition to volunteer appreciation receptions, our new volunteer recognition program converts volunteer hours to museum store credit.  We appreciate all volunteers and their willingness to help.

A heartfelt welcome is extended to anyone, who might wish to join the Kadiddlehoppers and become part of our family. Call the museum at 888-4184 for information regarding signing-up.