American Clown Award
Once again the Red Skelton of American Comedy would like to bring awareness to a performer that represents Red Skelton’s humor. Red Skelton has the gift to bring laughter by way of silly characters, word play, telling story by way of the universal language of mime. His comedy was family friendly. Without the use of swear words and blue humor. Red Skelton did not want to be know as the best in his field. He wanted to be known as one of America’s Clowns. The Red Skelton Museum would like to recognize other America clowns as part 0f the mission to present American comedy. Dick Van Dyke was the first recipient of the award in 2017.
The Museum will be taking nominations ending January 1st, 2019. They are asking the public to submit three (3) names and a brief reason on why this person is an American clown. Nominees can be someone that is an up and coming performer or one that has been bringing comedy to many generations. A web link about the nominee would be useful. The public can submit the names by way of social media (Museum’s web site, Facebook…, Twitter or by contacting the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy, 20 Red Skelton Blvd. ,Vincennes, Indiana 47591. The recipient will be announced before the annual Red Skelton Festival, on July 19 2019.
“If by chance some day you’re not feeling well and you should remember some silly thing I’ve said or done and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your clown has been fulfilled.” – Red Skelton
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